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STEMLAB Dr. Gina Cherkowski, Anna Cherkowski and Prabina Bhandari

STEM Learning Lab Inc

Dr. Gina Cherkowski, Founder and Director of Learning

Contact: gina@stemlearninglab.com

Dr. Gina Cherkowski is a Co-founder of STEM Learning Lab (SLL) and is the Director of Learning. Dr. Cherkowski holds a PhD in Mathematics Education as well as in Culture Studies in Education. She has extensive experience in teaching and learning as a remediation specialist, a classroom teacher, and as a university professor for both undergraduate and graduate courses in education both in Canada and internationally.

Dr. Cherkowski believes that play, exploration and meaning are critical factors for learning for all students. Dr. Cherkowski strongly advocates that all students require and deserve opportunities to participate in high-level, hands-on, engaging and meaningful learning experiences so they are aptly prepared for the demands of the 21st Century. STEM Education combined with Arts and Entrepreneurialism provide these pivotal learning opportunities.

Sadly, math is a gatekeeper for many students. As a learning activist, Dr. Cherkowski believes that all kids can and should be proficient in math as well as the other STEM fields and fights to make this a reality. Her current research explores teaching math conceptually using spatial temporal reasoning to facilitate a deep understanding of mathematics for diverse learners. Another area of interest is the development of visual spatial skills through interaction in highly engaging, hands-on STEM and STEAM projects like robotics and engineering. Dr. Cherkowski also researches the rapidly changing demands of 21st Century Education and how this pertains to education and learning now and in the future.

Dr. Cherkowski brings her passion for learning, her belief that all students deserve success, and her expertise as a learning scientists and a STEM specialist to the STEM Learning Lab team. Dr. Cherkowski is available for Mathematics and STEM related speaking engagements and professional development sessions. See Gina’s Math as Social Justice TEDx Talk here and Igniting a Generation by Disrupting Education TEDx Kelowna here.